About us

Headquartered in Luxembourg Vidox Consulting conducts research, staffing, QA and consulting services throughout the Eastern European & Russian capitals, cities and rural areas.

Our key people are looking back on more than ten years of experience in international clinical research, demonstrating results in management and scientific oversight of international gastroenterology, CVS, internal medicine, CNS, infectious disease, rheumatology, dermatology, oncology and pediatric clinical tests.

Opening the East European market for clinical research 10 years ago and making Russia a most profitable EU franchise, Vidox Consulting’ people demonstrated ability to achieve successful international phase I – IV clinical trials and consulting business expansion through adoption to the Eastern European needs and cultures.

Why in C&EE? The advantage lies in the proven valuable patient recruitment in clinical trials in front of local and international regulatory bodies, the high quality of the data within agreed timeline and the low costs and less competitive trials, compared to western countries.